Marinco RY504-2-30 Reverse Smart Y, (2) 125v 30a Male x (1) 125/250v 50a Female

  • $ 324.99

Marinco, RY504-2-30, Reverse Y-Adapter,

125/250V 50A Female x (2) 125V 30A Male

The reverse "Y" adapter has two male plugs with special power isolation circuitry for added safety. They provide 50A 125/250V power when only two 30A 125V receptacles are available. Reverse "Y" adapters are fully molded and equipped with the Marinco unique sealing collar and covers (where indicated) for use in wet locations.

Note: Reverse “Y” will NOT work with 50A, 125V, 3-wire inlets. Power is provided in both circuits to the 4-wire inlet, but the dock side receptacles limit the current in each circuit to 30A. The two 30A 125V receptacles must be supplied from a single power source providing 208V to 250V between them for proper operation.

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